How to Take Care of Your Yoga Mat

August 9, 2010

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How do I clean, store and care for my yoga mat?

Your yoga mat becomes quickly a part of you as you move along in your yoga practice. The two surfaces that touch the yoga mat are the floor and you. Let’s face it, dirt and sweat will get on the mat. Knowing how to clean your mat and actually cleaning it will extend the life of your mat and set your mind at ease knowing your mat is clean.

Cleaning a yoga mat is fairly easy and there are a few ways of cleaning it. Cleaning your mat with water is typically all you need. Add a small amount of mild detergent for a dirtier mat. Use only a very small amount of detergent as it can leave a residue and make your mat slippery when in use. Most yoga mats come with instructions on the manufacturer recommended cleaning method. Follow the recommendations of check out a few other cleaning methods.

Spray Bottle

Spray the mat with spray bottle filled with water and wipe off with a terry cloth.There are mat sprays on the market. Typically you’d use a mat spray after a yoga class. Follow the instructions of the mat spray. You can buy mat spray at many yoga studios, online or stores selling yoga props and mats.

Damp Cloth

Dampen a cloth with water and wipe the surface of your mat. Easy if the mat is open on the floor

Bath Tub

Add water to the bath tub, a small amount of mild detergent as needed and dunk your yoga mat in the water. Rub with a cloth.


If you hop into the shower after the yoga class, grab your mat with you. Hold the mat on the water stream. Clean with cloth as needed.

Washing Machine

Some prefer to wash their mat in a washing machine with small amount of detergent. Easy, but can cause more wear and tear on the mat than the other cleaning methods. Allow time to dry, it usually takes longer than when spraying the mat.

Drying Your Yoga Mat

If you are not in a hurry and have some room, hang the mat to dry. For faster drying place your wet mat on a towel. Roll up the mat with the towel. You can also step on the rolled up bundle to get the towel to absorb more water from the mat.

Once a month or so deeper cleaning is typically sufficient, especially if you regularly wipe down your mat.

Storing Your Mat

If you have room you can leave your mat hanging. Rolled up is a common way to store a yoga mat, just make sure the mat is not wet or damp before you roll up the mat.


Do not squeeze your mat to dry.
Do not use heat to dry or leave in the sun light.
Use manufacturer care instructions if available.
A brand new mat may fee slippery at first. This will subside as the residue wears off within a few uses.

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