All you need to know about Clomid

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What is Clomid?

Clomid is a kind of medication which is generally used to treat infertilities in the woman. The medication helps in the ovulation process and also helps in inducing ovulation when it does not develop and release eggs on its own. This medication also helps in stimulating extra follicles and eggs in the ovaries of the women that already ovulates without medication. Clomid fools the brain and makes it think that the estrogen level in the body is very low. Thinking that the estrogen level has come down, the brain starts releasing follicle stimulating hormone. This hormone has a very big role to play in stimulating the development of mature follicles in the ovary. (more…)



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Marisa Laren is a professional tattoo artist based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Birth
Marisa Laren Was born on February 7th, 1991 in Meeker district, Colorado. Marisa grew up on a 54 acre family farm in Grand Junction Colorado. (more…)

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600-Hr Certified Esthetician Program Immersion

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The School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics offers a 600-hr Esthetician licensure program in an immersion format starting in October 2014. This program includes 200 class room hours. The classes are held Monday through Friday for the 5 weeks, 9am – 5pm. In addition to the class room study, there are 150 hours of correspondence work and 250 hours of practicum and clinic. (more…)


600-Hr Massage Therapist Program Denver

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Denver Integrative Massage School, offers a 600 hour massage therapy certification program in an immersion format starting September 15th, 2014.

With this intensive format all of your class room hours (200 hrs) are completed in 5 straight weeks! Classes are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. After the class room hours, you will work 150 hours of practicum in our Student Clinic or you can intern with a Licensed Massage Therapist. You can start your online anatomy and physiology studies anytime (250 hrs) even before the classes start! (more…)