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Marisa Laren is a professional tattoo artist based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Birth
Marisa Laren Was born on February 7th, 1991 in Meeker district, Colorado. Marisa grew up on a 54 acre family farm in Grand Junction Colorado.

Little information is known about Marisa Laren’s family, but at one point she briefly about her family describing it as a dysfunctional family where she lived with a mother who was alcoholic and bipolar at the same time.
During the early stages of her education, Marisa was homeschooled until she reached the 6th grade and upon joining school, she developed an instant desired for sports and this led to her participating in a lot of physical activities especially during her time in high school. Also, during her high school years she participated in various sports such as softball, snowboarding and also golf.

Weight Gain
During her college years, Marisa gained a lot of weight of weight. In fact,during her first college semester, she gained more than 55lbs to push her weight from the previous 110lbs to 165lbs.This weight increase was highly associated with her new life which included a lot of partying.

In 2009, Marisa started to engage in weight lifting exercises as a way of combating her weight problem. Immediately after she started working out, Marisa suffered a tragic snowboarding accident which led to her spinal disc to be compressed and her overall height to reduce by 1-inch.This accident led to various physical injuries and chronic pain all over her body and in order to reduce the pain she participated in intense weightlifting. In 2013 she competed in her first ever fit challenge ,citing this decision as the one that led her to choose fitness industry as her career .One year after her first fitness competition, she participated in Colorado State fitness Competition where she ranked 3rd overall.
Following her huge success in the competition, she was picked to be the product ambassador of 1stPhorm which is a company that produces fitness supplements. This role of an ambassador is one which she holds until today.

On top of being a professional fitness, Marisa is a highly gifted tattoo artist. Her love for tattoos was hugely impacted by her love for hardcore music when musicians are usually covered in a lot of tattoos. She got her fist tattoo at the age of 19.Her tattoos are mostly from horror scenes and dark themes.
Her career took and upward climb when she participated on the 6th season of Ink masters aired by Spike. The Ink Masters provide Marisa with a huge opportunity to prove herself as a legitimate tattoo artist. After locking horning with her mentor, Erik Campbell, Marisa was eliminated from the Show denying her the chance to take title of the ultimate in master.

Marisa is currently working at Vatican Tattoos and Timeless Craft Tattoos, and Coral Springs.
When she is not working or training, Marisa participates in modelling works that she hopes will one day turn to be a game changer for her.

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